From legendary home fragrance artists Maison Berger comes this luxury fragrance effusion lamp.

Featuring subtle raised facets that twinkle like a precious jewel, and complete with a shining gold coloured mount.

A gorgeous luxury upgrade to your standard candles and diffusers, this lamp works by burning alcohol-based designer fragrances for an instant long lasting hit of your favourite scent.

Just remove the cap, fill, burn, blow out and enjoy!

This set comes complete with the the burner, a funnel (no spills!) and a stopper cap for when you’re done.

Additional information

Dimensions 9.8 × 9.8 × 14.8 cm

Glass, Metal


Grey, Gold

How It Works

  1. Place the lamp on a flat stable surface away from a stove or other heat source. Remove the cap and the burner and fill the lamp no more than 2/3 full with the perfume.
  2. Insert the wick of the burner into the neck of the lamp with the stone resting on the opening. Put the snuffer cap back on the lamp and let the wick and stone absorb the perfume for about 20 minutes.
  3. Light the stone and let the flame burn for 2 minutes. until the height drops, Blow out the flame and place the perforated decorative lid over the stone. Let the stone burn for between 25 to 45 minutes for a “standard” size room (200 – to 300-square foot space)
  4. Carefully remove the protective open shade to extinguish the lamp. Put the snuffer cap on the stone with the open shade over that. The shade could be quite hot, so handle it cautiously.

Remember: to select a perfume of your choice, If you change perfume remember to purchase “neutral” and burn a small amount of this through your lamp in the usual way to ensure the burner & wick are clean and the new scent doesn’t mix with the previous.

We have many fragrances in our showroom at Shields Road, Byker available for you to sample.


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